Yatra Movie hot topic of ap today!

The way director Mahi Raghav dealt with yatra subject was superb!

Congratulations to Shashi Devi reddy for making such a great movie. Concept was very risky but director and producers gave there heart and soul to the movie.

Mamooty (the face of indian cinema) given his one of the best performance in yatra movie, especially his dialogue delivery in telugu is terrific. YSR the name itself is an emotion in telugu people hearts, Mahi grabbed that emotion & story narration is ❤ touching. Difficult to control tears in 2 scenes superb…

Screenplay is phenomenol. BGM are terrific and made all the difference.

Penchal das song on farmers is heart wrenching and highlight in the movie, dialogues written in the movie got high intense responce in theatres.. 2 minutes real footage of Y.S.R got goosebumps for Jagan Cult followers…

Hospital scene explained every thing why Arogya sree made YSR became. Demigod.

Finally worth to watch yatra movie, to see the great leader legacy once again on screens..Just go & watch YATRA.

Make sure carry some tissues

Congrats to shashi once again for making a great movie

Hold on all the parties until I come back to Dallas .

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Yatra Telugu Cinema, YSRCP, Toronto, Canada
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What a splendid performance by Mammootty in the biopic of GREAT YSR Yatra.Every one who ever likes YSR shall thank Mahi V Raghav #Sasi Anna #Vijay Chilla and team of Yatra for giving us this brilliant film. YSR LIVES ON # jagan #ysjagan #ysrcpaustralia
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Yatra Movie – Kuwait
Yatra Telugu Movie – Dubai
Yatra Cinema in Singapore
Mahi Raghav: Telugu people and YSR fans thank you so much
“నీ రుణం తీర్చుకోలేలేనిది అన్నమా దేవుడిని మళ్ళీ మాకు చూపించినందుకు ధన్యవాదాలు” said Singapore YSR CP

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