Jagan “Anna Pilupu”

YCP president Jaganmohan Reddy has made an innovative effort to impress the loyalists and that is shocking to Chandrababu Naidu. So far, it is known that Chandrababu is copying each of the schemes and wigs announced by Jagan. So Jagan did not announce the launch of the call called ‘Anna pilupu’. TDP leaders along with Chandrababu are shocked with a new program launched by Jagan. From the village to the district center, there is a lot of people everywhere. Such people do not have any politics. Jagan’s intention is to help those people directly.

Jagan went on a 3648 km trip as paadayaatra(journey by foot) and visited thousands of villages . Jagan realized that many people who spoke with him in such villages have no connection with politics. The Jagan strategy is to redirect all of them to the YCP by going directly into the tail. Jagan decided to write letters to those who were selected in every village. Party policies, Navaratnam, Manifesto etc will be there in those letters. In addition, he mentioned that the party wants to take suggestions and advice from them.

The whole political planner has been following the instructions of prashanth kishore. The Prashant Kishore team has identified these people in the state survey. That is, Jagan’s letters are based on the feedback given by Prashanth. In a Survey, it was found that the polls have shown YCP had a 43% and TDP had 33% support in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. In each survey conducted by the national media, the difference between the two parties is estimated to be around 10 in the Lok Sabha polls. But it does not take the standard. As such, Jagan is planning to increase the support of the people.

For these two parties there is about 76% of the population when 14% of the population is in the favor of Janasana, BJP and Congress.. That means that the remaining 10% votes for which party is suspense. So, Jagan’s idea is to divert attention to the population of that particular 10%. The Jagan is writing letters to them. Is it a tactical way to vote for half a million that is because two and three percent of votes cast over the result. Jagan has been cautious about this because the polls are lost in the previous elections.

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