Complaint master MLA wants to come home

TDP leaders are giving shocks to AP Chief Minister and TDP chief Chandrababu while the elections are in close proximity. There is a serious opposition to the TDP and on the other, the surveys coming to the screen now come to the attention of the NCP. Even the internal affairs in TDP are also disgraced, or others say goodbye to the party. Former minister Ravela Kishore Babu has recently resigned from the party and resigned from the post of party MLA and joined Janasena. Mada Mallikarjuna Reddy also resigned from the TDP and joined the YCP. But now another sitting MLA is getting ready to join the YCP.

SV Mohan Reddy won the elections in the 2014 polls when he was with YCP and then joined TDP. SV Mohan Reddy accepted TDP Tirth and it was accompanied by Bhooma Family as part of the aakarsh operation. But now it is heard that SV Mohan Reddy is making efforts to join the YCP again. On the one hand, Chandrababu offered to give him a ticket, and the MP TG Venkatesh’s son’s ticket is finalized is what everyone is discussing. SV Mohan Reddy has become so impatient with this and thinking to not continuing as a party leader in TDP and seems to be trying to join the YCP. Jagan has already said that it is not possible to take the defective leaders back into the party and the SV Mohan Reddy is trying to meet Jagan with the help of few ministers.

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