Chandrababu & Chameleon are twins

Chandrababu Changes Colours Like Chameleon

Chandrababu Changes Colours Like Chameleon

Narsannapeta (Srikakulam dist): Reiterating that Chandrababu Naidu has been changing colours faster than that of a chameleon, YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that the rampant corruption in the state had its reflection in Telangana elections with money flow from TDP channel and changing tunes of TDP leadership.

Addressing a massive public meeting as part of the Praja Sankalpa Yatra here on Sunday, the Leader of Opposition said, ‘about Rs 142 crores of money was seized in Telangana which has its origins in the state after Chandrabahu Naidu tied up with Congress.

The Congress Party which had published a book on the corrupt deals of Chandrababu Naidu had hugged him after the alliance and the ill-gotten wealth found its way to the neighbouring state of which Rs 142 crores was seized while a lot more went under wraps.

He has been changing tunes frequently and Chandrababu Naidu had sought an alliance with TRS. He broached the subject during the Harikrishna’s funeral and when the offer was turned down he looked towards Congress and started financing the elections.

When the alliance was swept away, and TRS said that it would campaign in Andhra Pradesh, he has been contending that TRS is against Special Category Status and it cannot speak of the welfare of the state. Initially TDP too said SCS is not a wonder drug and praised BJP for the Special package but in due course of time BJP became a bad egg and SCS became an essential element for the growth of the state.

The change of stance has been quixotic and he has always been taking sides in sharp contrast to the previous one making him a laughing stock in political circles.

The development of the region was taken up by Dr YS Rajasekhar Reddy in a big way right from Vamsadhara and Polavaram projects besides Aarogyasri and other welfare schemes which were put on the back burner by TDP government, he said.

Chadnrababu Naidu has been closing down government schools and was unable to distribute even 15 % of the Cyclone aid.

When our government comes to power, with your blessings we will implement the Navaratnas welfare schemes of the YSR Cheyutha would provide employment to youth right from the village level, he said.

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