Parts of Ontario to have -50°C Temperatures & 50 Km/H Winds Tonight

While many of us hoped that this weekend’s harsh weather wouldn’t last into the week, according to Environment Canada, the bitter cold and piles of snow have only just begun. Forecasts show that Ontario can expect ridiculously cold temperatures and equally frustrating amounts of snow to arrive throughout the day.

Environment Canada warns of severe winter conditions in Ontario tonight.

The current forecast for the day has resulted in a slew of warnings and advisories from Environment Canada throughout the province. Right now, the GTA is expected to see as much as 25 cm of snow and winds that will reach 50 km/h. Beyond that, temperatures are slated to feel in between -20°C and -30°C when factoring in wind chill.

While 25 cm of snow and wind chill values of -30°C sounds rough, the GTA will be getting off easy in comparison to other areas of Ontario. Over in Thunder Bay, the high is expected to only reach -21°C while their expected wind chill will range from -28°C to a bone-chilling -50°C.

Ontario Winter Woods Environment Canada

Between the fresh snow and high winds, drivers are being cautioned considering driving conditions will be significantly rougher than normal. Considering the number of accidents during last week’s storm, you may be better off finding another way to get to work or school.

As usual with chillier temperatures like these, Environment Canada is cautioning anyone going outside to take the necessary precautions.

Ontarians should be checking the weather before leaving the house, dressing appropriately, considering rescheduling their plans if they are occurring outside and helping out vulnerable friends or family if they are in need of help with preparing.

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