Release 1 PETTA poster for Sankranthi/Pongal

Superstar Rajinikanth’s new film ‘ Petta’ has been suspended for a few days before the suspension of the release. ‘Nawab’ and ‘Sarkar’ are released in Telugu and the film ‘Vallabhaneni Ashok’ has released the rights of Telugu dubbing rights. But the film was not up to date. A press note has been issued confirming that the latest release of ‘Petta’ is going to release Sankranti in Telugu.

In Tamil, ‘Petta’ is going to be released on January 10. So the Telugu version may be released on the same day. It’s only two weeks left for release. But now the Telugu version of the poster has not been released yet. The name of the film is not well known in the original Telugu. In Tamil, ‘Petta’ says. Would it become a ‘Petta’ in Telugu .. That name is our audience? While the release of the two weeks is over, what does it mean that even a poster can not release at least in Telugu?

Due to the slight margin of rights, you may have been dubbing in dubbing work. It is difficult to fall behind in publicity. As a result, Sankranti (Pongal) is coming to the competition between huge films. There should be minimal promotions. Rajani is also a big fan of Telugu. Promos should start with them in mind. On the one hand, the publicity of Tamil literature is in the climactic level. Then why is the promotion started?

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