Join Jagan not pawan for the stuff !

There are no fans of Telugu cinema about artist artist Krishnudu. Krishnudu shared an interview with Anantha in an interview. In the interview, “You are in the industry, why did Pawan Kalyan join the VCP without joining Janaena?” He asked me a long answer.

“I am a Chiranjeevi fan from childhood and I will watch movies like Pawan Kalyan, but I do not have to follow him politically, because I like pics and they support to my favorite party I love Jagan Mohan Reddy Pawan Kalyan became the youngest president of the Praja Rajyam Party You have all the experience in the last elections Chandra Babu. He is very much developed. He said that technology is technology. But what is happening today is that he is the one who said that about Chandrababu. Today is not the day of criticizing Chandrababu. I do not think that I have not come to know that this government has come to me, “he said Ali? “

Talking about Pawan’s criticism on Jagan, he said, “Chandrababu is the TDP when Telengana is taking place in the TDP and the Congress is one and all of them are the same,” said Jagan. Get to know their problems and get in touch with them The criticism of Jagan at this point means that the signs of support to Chandrababu go to the public. “

“Anantapur he is going to stand there If you go to Tekkali you want to stand in Tekkali If you go to Narasapur, my sources are here, Jagan Mohan Reddy is near the place, “said Krishna. If you miss this hot interview, you can see it once.

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