Is Power Star Pawan Kalyan Going to Make It 2019 Elections?


  • Telugu superstar Pawan Kalyan launched his party Jana Sena in 2014.
  • He will be now contesting the 2019 Assembly elections.
  • His main demand is special category status being awarded to Andhra Pradesh.

Actor turned politician and Jana Sena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan finally announced his official entry into politics. 


Holding a massive public meeting at Anantapur, the Telugu actor popularly known as “Power Star” announced that he will contest the 2019 Assembly elections.

Pawan Kalyan had launched his “Jana Sena” just before 2014 general election and extended support to the TDP-BJP alliance in the state.

After the election he busied himself with his film career but on the issue of Special Category status to Andhra Pradesh the outspoken Pawan Kalyan announced his state wide tour and held a mega rally in Kakinada.

Hitting out at BJP led central government and TDP government in state, Pawan Kalyan said he wanted to meet Prime minister Modi over the issue of special category status but could not, however he will not go back on the demand.

“Governments and leaders may not need special status but poor people want it. Gave support to TDP and BJP in 2014 election only because of development of poor people,” he said.

“The main agenda of Jana Sena party will remain special category status and it is ready to bring down governments if they do not stop cheating the people of Andhra Pradesh,” the actor turned politician added.

Questioning about the lack of coordination and communication between center and the state government, he asked, “Why is TDP government silent on BJP’s false promises?”

“We know what to do in 2019 if you go on cheating people like this. Will contest assembly elections from Anantapur” announced the Power Star amidst cheer from supporters gathered to hear his speech.


Warning governments, he said Telangana and Andhra Pradesh may further get divided into Rayalaseema and North Andhra if they continue to neglect the welfare of poor people.

Kalyan is younger brother of Congress MP Chiranjeevi who also happens to be a super star of Telugu film industry. Before 2009 general election, Chiranjeevi too had launched a political party named Praja Rajyam Party and after the election it merged with Congress.

Both the brothers come from politically and socially important “Kapu” community and it is believed that because of Pawan Kalyan’s support, the TDP-BJP lead alliance performed well in 2014 elections.

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan recently announced that his party would contest in 175 Assembly constituencies in the 2019 Andhra Pradesh elections. He also introduced his party’s political strategist Vasudev, known as Dev.

The development amused many, as Dev reportedly was once a part of the BJP from Hyderabad’s Chintal Basti.

Several videos of speeches made by Vasudev and his pictures with BJP leaders are being shown in the media.

At the time of the announcement, Vasudev claimed he had over a decade of experience in electioneering and campaigning, had been working with Pawan Kalyan for more than 10 months, and that he can’t speak “good Telugu”.

However, videos showed Vasudev speaking fluent Telugu at a BJP event. The BJP, however, said that they don’t have any association with Vasudev.

The Telugu Desam Party attacked the Jana Sena Party and said that there was a ‘Jagan-Pawan’ plot unfolding.

“JaganPawan’ plot unfolding.. Jagan/Modi-Shah strategist, Prashant Kishore, sends his Sishya, Dev, as political strategist to Pawan,” TDP MP Jayadev Galla tweeted.

TDP State Secretary Gottipati Ramakrishna Prasad said that the BJP needed to clarify this.

“The BJP has to clarify. Didn’t he (Vasudev) try for an MLA ticket earlier?” he asked.

Refuting this, BJP State General Secretary Shyam Kishore said, “Our party has nothing to do with him. “The TDP is paranoid about every other person who criticises or works against them, and brands as BJP men.”

When asked about Vasudev’s presence in BJP events, Kishore said, “He might have worked with some political consultancy which worked with BJP earlier. Many such people come to meetings and speak. We can’t consider them as BJP.”

“To the best of my knowledge, we haven’t seen or met him anywhere in our party meetings,” he added.

Responding to Jayadev Galla’s allegation, the Indian Political Action Committee (founded by Prashant Kishor), the election strategist for the YSR Congress Party and the BJP in 2014, I-PAC ruled out any association with Vasudev.

Speaking to TNM, a senior representative of I-PAC said, “Our organisation doesn’t have any relationship with a person of that name, and neither had such an association in any of the places we worked.

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