1. Bakasura: CBN can easily be called modern day Bhoo Bakasura for his never ending land scams like amaravathi real estate scam & swiss challenge, vizag land scam, grabbing of even temple lands and assigned lands.
  2. Emperor Nero: Just like Nero, CBN enjoys his corrupt activities while state of AP got ruined due to failure to complete irrigation projects which are 80% completed by Dr. YSR, weakening local governments with janmabhoomi committees, lack of proper implementation of aarogyashree, 108, 104, fees reimbursement schemes brought by Dr. YSR and placing AP 1st in corruption ( NCEAR index 2016 )
  3. Just like Duryodhana who want to kill even his cousins for power, CBN can go to any extent as he backstabbed his own father-in-law, effectively sidelined sons of NTR and even his grandson Jr. NTR, victimised suhasini in kukatpally elections. # Duryodhana of AP
  4. Hitler: Born on same day, CBN’s lust for power reminds Hitler. His desire to destroy opposition is underscored by his horse trading 22 YCP MLAs and making 4 of them as cabinet ministers. His lust for power is seen in never ending scams like agrigold scams, irrigation project scams, neeru chettu scam, unleashing sand, liquor, granite, limestone mafia.
  5. CBN’s actions like trying to create greenfield capital in amaravati in fertile, well irrigated lands despite hyderabad example & against sivaramakrishna committee recommendations hampering balanced regional development and land pooling in rural areas despite failure of Dholero model, his false claims of building a bigger city than hyderabad in amaravati in 5 years, stopping cyclones, distributing ACs to everyone in Amaravati demonstrate his Tughlaq avatar.
  6. Chameleon: CBN’s changing of colours can easily put chameleon to shame. His history of alliance with BJP & later dumping two times, present alliance with congress despite giving slogans to destroy congress in 2014 & now criticising Jagan for only having a meeting with KTR despite him having an alliance in 2009 and even trying to forge an alliance on death bed of harikrishna makes him # chameleon of Indian Politics.
  7. Goebbels: CBN’s fake news and false claims can easily put him on par with Goebbels. His false claim of bringing 15 lac crore investments to AP despite RBI mentioning in its report that > 26,000 industries were shut down in his rule is just an epitome.
  8. Shakuni: CBN employed many tactics like saying special package brings more benefits than special status and it is not a panacea to AP’s problems, to kill demand special status before YCP took this issue to national level. Now he wants to outfox by saying he will bring special status by joining with congress. # His stupidity is only exceeded by his wickedness.
  9. General Dyer: Just like this ruthless British General, CBN employed harassment, intimidation by threats of arrests, land acquisition, power cuts in Amaravati against poor farmers who opposed land pooling. He ordered fake encounters of 20 suspects of sandalwood smuggling to divert attention from his failures despite having a chance to prosecute them.
  10. Basmasura: Finally, just like basmasura, CBN’s arrogance due to his power has made him commit many crimes. And like Basmasura, he is going to bite the dust in 2019 elections due to his gross abuse of power.

We have to wait and see what AP about to decide after witnessing all his 10 avatars.

On the other hand people hail this #APNeedsJagan as CM to # make AP great again.

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