CBN’s Diwakar Reddy planted false allegation on Jagan “No entry to YSRCP”

YSR Congress Party leader Jagan Diwakar Reddy MPs at the center of Anantapur TDP Jagan is corrupt – he repeatedly criticizes caste madness. There are repeated cases of his case. Some argue that the JCC will pose the way for TDP chief Chandrababu.

JCC has been furious with Jagan in the Datta Combat initiative organized by TDP on Wednesday. However, in the latest house, JCC has not just stopped criticism. Also made sensational allegations. Claiming that Jagan was involved in the allocation of tickets for allotted tickets.

In the Hindupur, the party was defeated by the MLA Ghali. Joined TDP. Naveen Nischol is trying to get there for a TCP ticket. However, JCI has claimed that Jagan has demanded Rs 10 crore for a ticket to Nischol. Nishal said he did not know what to do. Ask Rs 10 crore for MLA ticket, if you want to know how to get the state for the development of the state.

JCC also criticized Jagan for trying to win the election by name of the caste. Does the caste bewildered? So far, the NRR – Chandrababu has asked the caste that there is nothing in our state. Jagan said that he is trying to make use of votes in elections.

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